All or Nothing


Over the course of my teaching and training I’ve noticed a trend that is, in my opinion, holding many people back from really reaching their true potential.

I refer to it as the “all or nothing” mentality.

The idea that whatever trainer they train with must have all the answers…

Or on the flip side… the idea that because you disagree with one video, or one concept from someone, you’d NEVER train with them, because they obviously don’t know as much as you, or your “master”

We’re all guilty of falling into this trap at some point… be honest, you know you are. We invest money in certifications and affiliations, we’ve got to stick to our guns.

I respect the die hard, loyal practitioners and patrons, I really do… but nowhere does it say you can’t be loyal, respectful AND open minded.

What if I told you that it is impossible for any one organization or instructor, to have all the answers?

What if I told you that maybe you’ll disagree with 98% of what one guy/group has to say, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, that extra 2% is that a-ha moment you needed to bring you to the next level?

The reality is, if you’re just starting out, it would certainly serve you best to find a program that you truly identify with, commit your time to learning and really owning the material. Whether it’s a self defense system, a business program, a strength regimen… anything. Immerse yourself in the information.

But always approach the world with an open mind.

As you grow and “own” each program, then go off and immerse yourself in another one.

Who knows, maybe you’ll learn things from both and create a program that works specifically for YOU and YOUR needs.

I’ve learned plenty from people I generally disagree with and have disagreed with plenty of people I’m affiliated with. That’s the beauty of mastering your craft. It’s a journey, you’re allowed to agree in some respects and disagree in others AND still maintain a mutual respect.

If you want to truly become great in your field, DO NOT fall into the trenches of all or nothing. Because once you think you, your mentor or your organization are the smartest in the room (the world) , that is the very second you start moving backwards.

Be good, train hard, one love


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