June 19, 2017


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

8 x 5 min rounds of gi rolling



Warm up w/ kb halos, skiing, scorpion kicks, and press ups


5 Seated DB Strict Press (50lb) + KB Front Rack Hold (53lb)

15 Bent DB Row each arm (50lb)

3 rounds


15 reps of each w/ 2x20lb DB

  • bicep curl
  • OH tricep extension
  • reverse dip
  • hammer curl
  • outward tricep ext
  • bent reverse fly
  • chest fly
  • seated front raise


30s ski

rest 15s

30s battle ropes w/ firehose

15s rest

5 rounds


7 body saw

7 GHD hip ext

3 rounds


10 minutes stretching


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