The Rut in the Road

Imagine you’ve taken the same path down a dirt road for years. Over and over again you drive this path, and little by little, you start to create a permanent rut. The more you drive it, the more it wears away. It begins to create a deep rut, and the more you drive that path the deeper that rut gets. As the rut gets deeper, it becomes more and more difficult to steer out of that rut.

It’s not impossible mind you, but it will take commitment and time to create a new path.

This is what happens in training. If I spend a lot of time training a specific movement or concept, I begin to create a “mental rut.”

My body will begin to go into auto-pilot when in the context of this training and I may just be able to stay on the path without even having to “steer.”

This can be insanely beneficial under stress…. but this can also be a curse.

Be sure that you are creating the right “rut” with your training.

In the words of Tony Blauer “Be careful what you train, because you just might get really really good at the wrong thing.”

Be good, train hard, stay safe


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