June 28th, 2017 (Fast Day 2)

A little over 46 hours into this 72 hour fast. Woke up this morning feeling good. A bit groggy, but no more groggy than normal when the 5am alarm goes off. Got my things together and made a cup of coffee w/ 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Headed into the gym to drill and roll at 6am.

My biggest concern coming into this was that my training would suffer, but so far I don’t feel any noticeable lack in energy or ability during training.

Weighed in at 175.9lb at 6am, weighed in again at 3:30pm at 175.3lb so no substantial loss over that period.

About 2pm I noticed that I could nap at any point. My energy level was normal when I had things to do, but when any downtime presented itself, my body was all about taking a nap. Keeping busy seems to be a key part of success…. no surprise there. #idlehands

Throughout most of the day there wasn’t any noticeable visual change in the inflammation but the irritation/itchiness was definitely more suppressed. As I write this now (7:50pm) there is a definite difference visually as well. The darker red has subsided to a pink, so that’s good to note.



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

20 minutes of drilling

4x5min rounds of gi


Random pull ups, push ups, l-sits, and basketball. Just tinkering around.

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