July 17th, 2017

2:30pm – Awaken Day 6

Semi Supinated DB Bench (30X1 – 8/8 @ 2x50lb and 6/6 @ 2x60lb)

Superset w/ 8 Single Arm DB Row (2111 @ 50lb)

4 sets

8 Supinated Ring Rows (2112)

45s plank on elbows (add weight each round – 0lb/25lb/70lb)

3 sets

40s wall sit

12 diamond push ups (2111)

60 du’s

rest 60-90s

4 rounds

*all wall sits UB, push ups went 12/12/12/8+4, DU’s i broke once on each set


6:30pm – Skills

15 minutes bag work, focusing on footwork and movement while striking

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