Close Quarters Weapons Access

We’re taking a look at a few concepts and ideas we can utilize to help get to our gun or knife in a close quarters fight. A few things you have to understand: 1) I am only drawing my gun if I feel both morally and legally that I have to in order to protect myself. 2) These are not techniques, they are concepts and ideas. There are many ways to get things done, these are just a few examples of the more practical ones. 3) You MUST train this stuff. This is not something you just watch a video, rep a few times, and you’re good. You have to train train train. Look up guys like Jared Wihongi, Todd Fossey and Craig Douglas that spend A LOT of time teaching and drilling this stuff. Your gun is simply a tool, but if you don’t have the legal understanding to know when not to, the moral understanding to know when not to, the de-escalation and deterrence skills to avoid it, and the free hand skills to access that weapon during a fight, then you’re doing nothing but shooting holes in paper. Get the whole picture baby!

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