Focus On Where You’re Going, Not Where You Are

I’ve been listening to a good amount of The MFCEO Project w/ Andy Frisella lately. Good stuff, if you’ve never taken a listen. One of the topics he generally hammers home is “Winning the Day” and he has a few gems when it comes to getting things done, creating momentum, and actually achieving your goals one day at a time.

In one of his podcasts he talked about the issues people have when they pursue tough goals. He uses nutrition as a big example, but it applies in all aspects. When people start a diet all they can generally think about is the negative. This sucks, I miss pizza, I’m not losing weight fast enough, I can’t get a beer with my friends, etc… Instead of thinking of all the positive that will come from it. Increased energy, fat loss, muscle growth, looking sexy as fuck.

We do this all the time. It’s just so easy to pick out the negatives and the temporary inconveniences and lose sight of the end result. Nothing great is accomplished overnight. It takes small steps, involves many failures and tough moments, and often times is not the way we imagined. But if you focus on the end game, all the positives that will come of it you can help drive through those shit moments.

When I began writing my book, I had no idea when the hell I’d get it done. It became apparent after mauling it over and getting a bit of insight from my spirit animal Drew Dillon, that I won’t find time in the day, so my only choice was to wake up early. So no matter what, I woke up one hour early. If I was supposed to get up at 7, I got up at 6. If I was supposed to get up at 5, I got up at 4. Without fail. Overtime that alarm went off and I wanted to hit snooze I remind myself that the book could help tons of people and it needs to get done. (side note I also imagined Jocko Willink calling me a bitch for not getting up t the first alarm, but I digress)- The moral is, I hate getting up early, honestly. I LOVE sleep, but the inconveniences are temporary. And once you remind yourself why you’re doing it and shove down the negative shit, you get into a rhythm and honestly, it just becomes easy.

No matter what your goal is, when you find yourself thinking about why this sucks, remind yourself instead of the great things that will come of it. The pain, inconvenience, long hours, etc… are temporary. But they are necessary if you’re going to reap the rewards.

Now, stop bitching and go get after it!

Train hard, stay safe, one love,


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