Building Relationships > Making Sales

*photo of my Uncle, Guido Jannetti Jr., and I – This man, knows how to listen. To build relationships. To be a true leader. 

So a few weeks ago I made a post on Facebook about how I was sick and tired of getting countless messages on LinkedIn that are nothing but half ass sales pitches. Here are a few actual examples just from the last 2 weeks:

“Just endorsed all of your 3 Major Skills! Please e-mail my daughter (random name) about our pre-launch leto-based company”

So let me get this straight. You want me to take the time out of my day to e-mail your daughter about this random program that I know nothing about? Why isn’t she contacting me directly? Are you too good to talk to me about this, so I have to talk to your daughter? Do I owe you this because you “endorsed” some shit on my LinkedIn profile? You don’t even know me. So you’re saying that you are willing to endorse someone who you have never worked with, trained with, and no nothing about. What does that say about your integrity as a person. Get the fuck out of here!

“We are the manufacturer of MMA fight wear and clothing, Jiu Jitsu Brazilian uniforms, boxing equipment, best price exports

Somos la fabricación de desgaste de lucha MMA y ropa, uniformes Jiu Jitsu brasileño, equipos de boxeo, las mejores exportaciones de precios”

Ok… you’re not even trying. You don’t even know if I speak english or spanish, so you’re just covering your bases. Ugh… FML

“Hello Aaron, Thank you for connecting here on LinkedIn. I found your profile in a search for potential clients. I work with many Business owners and without a shadow of doubt, if I could show you a way to get approved for $50k- $800k regardless of your credit, would that get you excited? Let’s connect!”

First off… why is the “B” in business capitalized.. I know I am being petty, but first impressions matter and my wife is a stickler for proper writing. By the way you start the sentence ‘I work with many Business owners and without a shadow of a doubt…” but then you finish it with a question ‘would that get you excited?’.. if there’s no doubt, then why do you even need to ask? That shit doesn’t make sense. So you want to help me get a loan or line of credit? Do you know what my business is? If I am looking for that right now? What I would use it for? Maybe I am already $500,000 in debt and you want to help me dig that hole even deeper so you can make a buck? How about getting to know me, finding out my needs and what my goals are before even bothering to offer? Do you know that my business has always been a cash business with zero line of credit or debt and I am fucking proud of that? Maybe if you asked, you’d know that.

“I’m always looking to connect with other business owners here in Phoenix and would love to join your network.”

Seriously? I live in Ohio. My business is based in Columbus. Come on people!

“I see you are the owner of Endeavour defense and fitness, and CrossFit Endeavour – and are doing awesome things!

My expertise is helping local fitness professionals get more members to their gym / academies using Facebook ads.

I have taken a look at what you’re doing and have some things I’d love to show you which I’m sure will boost your results.

This weekend, a client of mine who owns a fitness studio brought in 30 leads for a $20 week trial, with just $60 in ad spend (x10 ROI before they signed up for long term membership). I could definitely do this for you too.”

First off, It’s Endeavor, not Endeavour. I’m a daigo from Youngstown, OH, not a damn aristocrat from France. It’s written all over this profile, my website, all my other profiles, videos, etc etc etc.. Had you taken two seconds to actually double check your work, you wouldn’t make that mistake. Now I already don’t like you and I haven’t even gotten to your half assed pitch yet. How do you know what I am doing on Facebook? Maybe Facebook isn’t my main focus. Maybe I am more into grass roots and supplying information to my community. Maybe I don’t want to pack 30 brand new people into my gym in one weekend which now throws off my staff, and becomes an inconvenience for my current members that already believe in me. How do you know what my business model or goals are if you don’t ask first?

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Half assed “congrats on your anniversary” messages and sales pitches… zero passion, zero commitment, zero actual interaction.

We live in an age where we are so disconnected by social media that we never actually take the time to build actual relationships. Would you rather send out 500 cookie cutter messages and turn 20 sales, or focus on developing 10 solid relationships, that not only become potential sales, but then go to bat for you because they know you are truly committed to the people you interact with. You want to build a Tribe of people that you connect with. That’ how you truly make an impact.

Listen more. Talk Less.

Look into Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, Andy Frisella. Read, learn. But most importantly, take time to actually learn about people.

Stay safe, train hard, one love.


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