You’re Never Finished

So the book pre-order launched and went very well. As the orders kept coming in, I found myself very excited and yet super nervous. I spent 6 months writing this book. Every day I wrote. A lot of time has been dedicated to this book, not just the writing, but the years of learning, training, and teaching leading up to this book. To say, this is about the most vulnerable I have felt, well it would be pretty accurate.

The one thing that keeps nagging at me is whether I am missing something. Whether I presented the information in a way that will best resonate to the people. Did I leave out a crucial part that could save lives. I have gone through and read my own text so many times and each time I find myself battling between how proud I am of the work that was put in, and yet still feeling like it’s not good enough.

When I finished writing it was the beginning of July. Since then I have been navigating the publishing process, which is an article in itself. But also since then we have had several more attacks. More data to analyze, more examples to use.

So while navigating the publishing process, I found myself re-reading the text and wondering if I did good enough. Questioning if I should stop, go back and re-write the text. And sometimes, I did.

But what I soon realized is that if I keep doubting the information, keep striving for perfection, the information will never get out. I’ll just keep coming up with excuses why it’s not ready. Why it’s not the best it could be.

And while I am delaying, there is someone out there that might just live because of the information.

I recall reading in “The War of Art” about how strong resistance fights you during the writing process… and how much stronger it is right when you’re about to finish. And it’s true. Very true.

The reality is, when you care about something so much, you’ll never be finished. I’ll find many things I want to change and add. It just means I am continuing to improve.

But you have to ship it! You have to get it out. You have to let the world get their hands on it. They need to praise it. Criticize it. Try to tear it down and add to it.

I am excited to see how this project can help people. I really hope it does. I hope it starts conversations that lead to big movements. I hope it generates new thoughts and improvements that we haven’t thought of yet. I hope it convinces someone, somewhere to take the steps to train and prepare.

Be good, train hard, one love


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