Physical Ability

*this is an excerpt from the book How to Survive an Active Killer

This seems like the most appropriate place to start, and yet as much as this should be common sense, it’s not widely respected. If you’re voluntarily out of shape and overweight, you are limiting your chances of survival. I’m not talking about physical handicaps, which we will address shortly. This is going to piss a lot of people off, but my job is not to make you feel good, it’s to be honest. Your ability to survive relies heavily on physical ability. If you neglect that, you and you alone are to blame. If you have not been taking care of your body, you are letting down not only yourself, but also your loved ones.

Your potential to run, barricade, fight, and drag someone to safety relies on you taking my advice seriously. You can take this information and use it to motivate you to change your lifestyle or you can choose to ignore it and deal with the repercussions. It’s your choice.

If you know you need to get moving, but don’t know where to start, visit my Instagram Page and check out my #fitinfiveminute videos. No equipment, five minutes or less, start today, no excuses!

Be good, train hard, stay safe.


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