The Deadly Art Of…

I have noticed lately that “deadly” or “deadliest” has been getting thrown around a lot when describing martial art systems, be it in conversation or advertising. Ironically enough a DVD I filmed a few months back was released a few weeks ago and one of the descriptors the company used in the advertising is “deadly.”

Got me thinking…

If I bury the head of an axe into your chest, that could be pretty deadly, and it doesn’t really take a lot of skill… so does that mean that lumberjackery is a deadly martial art?

If I suplex you onto concrete on your neck, that could be deadly… so is wrestling a deadly martial art?

If I hit you with my car, it could be deadly.. especially if I drive back and forth over you a few times. That’s deadlyAF!!

Sometimes, this industry gives me a headache hahahaha

Try using actual descriptors that give somebody a true understanding of your system instead of masking it’s lack of realism and efficacy with bullshit adjectives. Ya know… just a thought hah!

Be good, train hard, stay safe



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