Waiting For The Bubble to Burst

While writing the section on Immediate Casualty Care in the book How to Survive an Active Killer, I fell into a rabbit hole. This is what happened. Enjoy!
I am sure throughout the book you’ll notice a certain tone (both subtly and blatantly) about being accountable for your own safety. All too often we push our ability to survive and thrive onto others. We literally hand our own livelihood to another person. We contract our physical safety to the police, and our health and wellness off on EMS, doctors and bullshit weight loss pills. We expect a small group of people to care for the entire population. We expect them to be our guardians 24/7. On top of that we demand the results be fast and perfect. Our minds live in a fairytale and our bodies live in the real world. Our fairytale exists in a bubble where violence doesn’t happen. We completely ignore the fact that right outside of the wall of that bubble, is a monster and the only reason he hasn’t picked you yet, is luck. He pulls a number everyday, and today just wasn’t your day. Lucky you. But tomorrow just might be.
When did you decide to ignore this reality? When did your life get revolved so much around convenience that you dismiss the fact that life isn’t fair? When did you decide that you weren’t competent enough to care for yourself or your family? Come on. How did we get here?
More importantly, what will it take to get you to realize you’re there? What will it take to get you to change your actions? Do you need to have a heart attack to realize that a BigMac isn’t a staple to a good diet, or that sucking down gallons of soda (or pop, or cola, or coke, depending on what region of the US/World you live in) might just be the reason you can barely play with your kids for 10 minutes before you’re exhausted? Do you need a colleague, friend or loved one to be raped or murdered before you begin to understand that you are responsible for your own protection and learning self defense is important? Do you need to get in a bad car accident and watch your spouse bleed out before you realize you should look into learning basic medical care? What’s your threshold?
Think about it… right now.
Do you want to wait until the bubble breaks and learn the lessons the hard way, or would you rather be prepared? It’s your choice, but whatever choice you choose, you don’t get to complain about the results.
Train hard, stay safe, one love

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