Unedited Class: Gun Defense from Front

I let the camera run in one of our upper level classes the other day when we were discussing gun from the front. This hasn’t been edited or tweaked outside of getting rid of 40 minutes of B-roll fighting. This is how we train. This is how I teach. This shows the way I usually approach gun from the front, beginning with control first, then realistic approach to a takeaway, then discuss entries, then add levels of complexity and realism to the fight. A few things to keep in mind.

  1. This is an upper level class. This same approach to gun defense can be taught to brand new students, however, a fundamental understanding of control, striking, balance, wrestling etc… goes a LONG way in defending against any attack, let alone a lethal threat. Learning gun disarms for fun or teaching them because they are “sexy” is silly. True self defense lies in the foundation of basic fighting.
  2. The class is only one hour long, there are a thousand ways we can add to this drill to make it more “realistic.” Moving the gun around, bad guy screaming and smacking them, bad guy striking, etc… But as mentioned above, make sure you understand each level before adding complexity and ALWAYS make sure the drills can be performed safely.
  3. This is how I teach. This is based on my experience and opinions. This does not mean this is the only way to teach or even the best way to teach. This is just my look at it from one class. Take that as you will.

It’s a longer video, but feel free to steal from it, give input, give constructive criticism, tell me you love my bitching shirt from Eli Knight, or call me a Fuck-wad… Whatever you please! Hah Enjoy!

Be good, train hard, stay safe



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