A (Respectful) Breakdown of the Gracie Breakdown: Active Shooter

Many know that we spend a lot of time researching and teaching on surviving active killer events. Recently, the group from Gracie Breakdown did a video on the recent Nashville shooting at the Waffle House. My initial reaction was scathing. The video angered me for several reasons. I immediately decided I was going to do a rebuttal video, but in the heat of the moment, that video was not going to be productive.

After a few days I realized that we could actually have a really great conversation about this if we approached it in a respectful manner. So we filmed this video in hopes to start a respectful and productive conversation with the Gracie group as well as others. As well as maybe start a trend of leaders in the industry checking themselves and actually discussing concepts/techniques instead of just lashing out (which we are all guilty of… myself very much included).

There’s much we discuss in this video, it’s a little longer, but I hope you take the time to watch it and give input. We could go on for hours talking about the concepts, physical skills, and psychology that go into these events.  Many of those elements we discuss in our book How to Survive an Active Killer. 

There are a lot of great programs and instructors that cover this topic in depth. The following links are great resources to keep eyes on.

Active Killer Defense

Active Response Training

Integrative Defense Strategies 

Personal Defense Network

Blauer Tactical

Immediate Casualty Care

Active Shooter Response

Feel free to discuss this, but keep it productive in feedback. I look forward to talking more into this topic and the way we approach videos and content!

Be good, train hard, stay safe


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