ASR/RAK Defense Part 3: Different Angles – Don’t Give Up the Back

Now that we understand the basic idea of not getting shot/stabbed and have explored different positions of distance and control, we need to begin to introduce a very important – and yet simple – idea.

We do not get to choose the angle of attack or where we will be positioned in relationship to the gun. We can attempt to set ourselves up in certain positions, but the bad guy gets a say and can change direction at any time.

Knowing this, we start simple and move to the other side of the arm. This simple move, brings another basic concept…

If at all possible, don’t turn your back to the attacker.

Of course we have to respect that the basic idea of not getting shot is way better than getting shot AND if I get really good control in a way that gives up my back that MAY ACTUALLY BE BETTER… but we would prefer not to do that because it limits our options and increases the attackers.

Take a look… and if you haven’t checked out Parts 1 and 2, go back and do that… Or you’re missing A LOT!

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