ASR/RAK Defense Part 4: Closing Distance/Impact

*audio cuts out a few times… not sure why, but such is life hah!

To this point each version of the drill has started with hands already on the weapon. There is a reason for this. It allows the students to more at a higher pace and with more resistance SAFELY. The impact often times is where newer students get hurt – usually by overzealous partners. By starting them in contact, we can let them work and FEEL the concepts while limiting some major safety concerns.

Now that we have gotten them a bit more comfortable with the pace of things and learned appropriate training pace, we MUST introduce that basic idea that the weapon will not magically end up in my hands.

Whether we are 2 feet away, 6 feet away or 10+ feet away, when we go to cover distance to address the weapon/attacker we will be moving fast and aggressivley… i.e. we will be running or “diving” towards the threat.

The other end of that is not pretty, nor is it technical. It is aggressive. We begin to create this separation at only 2-3 feet, again to limit big safety concerns but to allow the students to feel how this changes the way they are able to establish grips or control.

Check it out… see you back for part 5!

If you haven’t started from Part 1, you’re missing A LOT of information, be sure to check that out!

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