ASR/RAK Defense Part 7: High Tackle

Now we’re starting to get into the idea of intentionally putting the attacker on the ground. Again, let’s remember a few things:

1) The defender is under a HIGH level of stress

2) They are making very quick decision

3) There are a lot of variables they have to process and adapt to

4) They are most likely not “trained fighters” with hundreds of hours of mat time

5) We have to focus on a primal and likely response

In our program we essentially teach two forms of the tackle: High and low. Above the hips or below the hips.

The most common to date and most likely in these situations is going to be the high tackle. We’re not saying it is the most efficient way to put a person on the floor. We are saying that we believe it is the most natural and primal way, under the circumstances, to do so when also concerned about a weapon.

Give it a watch and we will see you back for the next video addressing the low tackle!

If you haven’t seen PART 1 – definitely head back and check it out!

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