ASR/RAK Defense: Striking from Standing

One area often overlooked in programs is the practical use of striking from a standing position when getting hands on with an armed attacker. This potentially takes place in three ways: from Distance/Ambush, from Clinch, or pinned against a third leverage point.

The elements for dealing with the third leverage point are very similar to that of hitting on the ground, but there doesn’t seem to be too many videos or programs thoroughly discussing an honest approach to hitting from a distance or hitting from the initial clinch.

Not saying there aren’t any, I just have not personally seen it highlighted much. People talk about using improvised weapons to hit BUT they rarely discuss the tactics involved and what the good guy is supposed to do next.

In this video we’re looking at a few concepts and considerations to keep in mind to utilize striking in a meaningful manner.

Check it out!

If you haven’t checked out the entire series, head back to ASR/RAK Defense Part 1 and dive into the lead up info!

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