Walk the Walk

The photo above was taken of our volunteers after a weekend of running a big weightlifting competition at the gym. This event has become a staple in our community, sees about 100 lifters over two days, has hosted olympians, national champions, and world team members. It involves big sponsorships, DJs, lighting, raised platforms, and more. It’s a HUGE undertaking and yet it all started with a beat up wood platform, one day of competition, sixty lifters, and an idea six years ago. Each year, we improved on it and built it larger and larger. We knew where we wanted to go but instead of trying to overthink it, we just did it. Set a date, promoted and executed.

One of the best ways to learn anything is to do it. I know that sounds simple and comes off as common sense, yet we rarely take this approach in life. We like to plan, or “think” about things but never take action.

We want to lose weight so we make big plans and set big goals, but we never just get moving. We have an idea for a great business, so we make plans, brainstorm concepts, picture all the awesome things we can do, but we rarely just execute on it. We are always looking for the perfect time, or perfect plan, or perfect idea, when in reality, if we just started doing something, we could build on it, learn, improve and eventually get where we first imagined.

Life experience, hands on action and practice is by far the best form of learning. Don’t get me wrong, research, planning, goal setting, all of that is fantastic when utilized properly, but nothing will ever take place of action. At some point the way of the “apprentice” was widely replaced by sitting in classrooms, watching videos, and gaining certifications. The reality is that you will learn so much more hands on then you will from paper, or a speech, or a video.

Many people forget that the terms “practicing law” or “medical practice” are literal references to that fact that graduating with a law or medical degree doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing, it means you are now just competent enough to get started. But your life will be a hands on practice of your art. This is the same with any degree, or certification, or qualification. Having the paper or status doesn’t mean anything, it comes down to then taking action, learning from mistakes, making corrections, and continuing to put your body in that action.

I can think about what to do in an active shooter situation, but I won’t be nearly as effective if I have never thrown a punch, or practiced wrestling over a gun, or practiced running, or practiced applying tourniquets. You can make plans to start a business, but unless you get out and try, and fail, and try, and fail, and correct, you aren’t likely to get anywhere.

Keep learning, reading, researching, attending seminars, BUT put that information into action. If you read a great tip from a successful person, don’t just think about how cool it is, put it into action. Do it. Execute on it.

Talking gets you know where…. Walk the walk and get after it!

Be good, train hard, stay safe!


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