Say What’s On Your Mind

I recently had a great conversation with a very good friend of mine. We were discussing the state of the business and future plans as we head into 2019. During that conversation he mentioned something about me that really hit a chord.

“You know, maybe since down deep you believe the gym can’t make money, the others believe that to, so they focus their efforts elsewhere.”

It took me by surprise at first because I actually believe the opposite. In fact, everything I do is centered around creating a successful facility that can better take care of it’s members, supply full time jobs for others, and create stability for mine and my partners families and future.

But here is the kicker… I don’t express these thoughts clearly enough. In fact, 2-3 years ago, I did in fact (on several occasions) mention things like:

“I’m a gym owner, trust me I don’t make money”

“I’ll have to figure out other ways to create revenue because the gym has a ceiling for sure”

And more…

I honestly felt that way, and at the time I said it out loud… actually.. if I’m honest I said it a lot. But over the years my mindset has changed. I have grown to understand the true value of what we do and how important it is to people’s lives. Our facility literally saves peoples lives… through health, nutrition, self defense, community, and friendship.

Our staff is continually training, learning, and growing. The facility improves each year. The caliber of instruction and overall leadership increases exponentially.

We’ve grown to support 15 independent contractors, 3 full time positions, and several management positions that are creating further opportunity.

The problem is, as this is all happening, and my mindset is changing, and my vision adjusts… I was not explicitly sharing this with my partners, my leadership, or my family.

That’s my fault…. no one else.

It’s so interesting to think that as humans, we find it so difficult to be honest, open, and direct with our intentions and thoughts… yet, if we were more direct and honest and open, it would solve almost all of our problems.

Mark Manson tells an interesting story about his time living in Russia, and how the people there, at first, seemed so rude and direct. However, as he stayed there he began to realize, they are just honest. They say what is on their mind, the things we say to ourselves but don’t dare express out loud. He talks about how this culture developed during a time where not doing so could get you killed, and you had to be direct and open at all times.

In our society, it seems that more often than not, it pays to “sell” or sugar coat or lie or just hold it in. Realistically, this could be a huge part of what is holding you back.

Being honest and direct. With your family, with your friends, and most importantly with yourself.

If you want a raise or promotion, tell your leadership, ask what you need to do and get it done.

If you take issue with something in a relationship, tell the person, address it. The longer you let it fester underneath, the more resentment will build.

If you want to better protect yourself or your loved ones, be honest about your current physical and emotional state. Focus on your weaknesses and get after them. Avoiding them won’t help you or anyone else.

If you have a vision, tell people. Get them as excited and passionate as you are. Spread that hope, and that dream. Otherwise, you may be the one crushing your own chances.

Don’t avoid the discomfort of addressing these issues. Address them head on.

Don’t aspire, and dream, and vision on your own, tell your tribe.

The earlier you do so, the easier it will be.

Be good, train hard, stay safe


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