5 Tips to Crush 2019

5 Tips to Crush 2019

Well, ladies and gents another year is upon us. I am sure most of us have set goals and right now you’re on fire to hit them. Unfortunately, most of the population will lose this fire in a week or so and even more in the next 2-3 months. Whether you’re trying to learn to defend yourself, get in shape, be a better husband/wife, be a better parent, get a promotion, take over the world, etc… here are a few tips to get that done!

Take Ownership:

Right now in this very moment you have to accept that whether you achieve your goals or not, it will be because of you. No exceptions. No Excuses. The path between here and there is full of ups and downs, and people trying to rail road or hurt you, financial issues, etc… Hell, there’s mother nature that can mess with your plans, and free accidents. But at the end of the day how you get your work done and keep moving towards your goals will be up to you.

So when you feel yourself about to say “Well, I would be farther along if it wasn’t for (enter person or situation or thing)…” Just stop talking. You are now making excuses and pushing blame on someone else.

It’s on you… own that and you will make leaps and bounds!

Have a PLAN:

Goals are great, truly. If you don’t know where to aim, you can’t hit your mark. But once you identify the location you want to go, you have to map the road to get there. Next to every single goal you should have the exact steps you take each day to move towards that goal. Not just “ideas” of the steps.. but THE EXACT STEPS! The more detail the better!

For Example…

Goal –

Shave 5% body fat

Plan –

Workout for 30 minutes at 6am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Track my food intake everyday

Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night

Now you know what you are doing and how to get to that place AND you have a mini goal to hit everyday/week! Goals aren’t enough… you need a plan!

No step forward is too small:

This is a HUGE thing that people forget. When they try to aim for goals they feel like if they aren’t making huge gains they aren’t going to get there, but realistically you are more likely to be able to consistently take one steps forward everyday this year, then you are to take 10.

Instead of trying to make HUGE changes, make small ones but stick to them. As those small changes become habit, then you can grow them. Working out 10 minutes every day is better than working out 90 minutes once or twice a week. No step toward your goal is too small, as long as you keep moving that direction. The days you STOP moving are the ones that will start to kill you.

Don’t miss twice:

Missing a day or breaking the chain of a habit is definitely a reality we all have to face, but as James Clear says, DON’T MISS TWICE! Of course we would prefer you don’t miss EVER, but again, life happens and we are humans. If you miss, feel lot loss, but then get moving again and don’t miss twice. Get right back on the train. If you miss two times, you are starting down a slippery slope and it will be hard to get back on track.

Have an accountability partner:

This has been a huge thing for me. The biggest accomplishments I have achieved in my life have all come when I had someone else relying on me or keeping me in check. If you’re someone that has trouble sticking to the plan or continually staying focused, find someone you trust to either partner with you in the specific goal… or in the very least, check in on you and keep you moving the direction you need to go. It doesn’t have to be a huge task for them. A simple morning text message reminding you of what to do. A screenshot of a project, or food tracking. Maybe a video of your training sessions.

Whatever it is, some physical proof that your butt is still on track. If you really love yourself, put a penalty on it if you miss. Maybe you have to give your partner $10 every time you miss a mark. Whatever you have to do to stick to the plan!

In the end, every person of capable of moving forward. Everyone. These five tips are things I have picked up over the years from great people like James Clear, Andy Frisella, Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin and more… Try them out, apply them to this year and make progress.

You weren’t meant for mediocrity… trust me!

Below are a list of books, training programs, articles, and resources that will help in addition to the tips above. You have everything you need. Now go do it!

Be good, train hard, stay safe



****Additional Resources****

#fitinfiveminutes 30-day training program FREE

Win The Day, MFCEO Episode 107 – Power List

Kamiwaza Podcast 


Extreme Ownership – Jocko/Leif

Atomic Habits – James Clear

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K – Mark Manson

The War of Art – Stephen Pressfield

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

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