What’s with the Change in Posts?!

So I recently received a few different inquiries, comments… dare I say concerns, in the direction my posts have gone the last few months. Nothing means, or rude, just inquiries into why I seem to have switched from heavily self defense in topic to heavily leadership, discipline, growth etc…

It’s a really good question and I am glad it was asked.

To be brutally honest, I really just write about whatever is on my mind. When I am deep in a certain subject, or project, or mental state I tend to simply write about that. I feel like it keeps me honest, plus it allows me to get my thoughts out on paper. I also think it is good because while I am working on something specific, it allows the feedback from readers to help even more.

Lately, I have definitely been honed in on making sure that I am keeping things organized, leading my staff better, and managing my life better… hence the articles tend to go that route, BUT… I also think there is a very important think to understand.

Discipline, habits, leadership, mentorship, growth, self awareness, discomfort, confrontation…

These are all imperative to personal protection. To any topic or goal, if we’re being truthful.. but definitely in Self Defense.

If you don’t have discipline you won’t show up to put the training time in. If you don’t put the training time in, you are not improving your chances of protecting yourself or your loved ones.

If you don’t create good habits, such as training with and carrying defensive tools or medical gear, being aware of your environment or things out of place, locating exits, etc… then you are not improving your chances of protecting yourself or loved ones.

If you don’t have the leadership skills to lead your loved ones in what to train, what decisions to make, what plans are in place… then again, you’re not improving yours or their chances.

If you refuse to seek mentorship, you’ll never learn what you don’t know.

If you don’t pursue constant growth, you will stagnate and go backwards. These skills are perishable.

If you are not aware of your own physical, mental, and emotional weaknesses, then you will not be able to focus on them, fix them, or adapt to them… and that will always be an area that can be exploited.

If you avoid discomfort in training, in life, in work, in anything, you’ll never grow. Surviving a violent encounter is not comfortable. You must get used to being uncomfortable.

If you avoid confrontation with your spouse or boss or friends, how do you expect to manage confrontation with a potential threat?

The list goes on, but self defense IS NOT about techniques, or drills. These are a piece sure, but you can be a very skilled fighter in the gym and not be worth shit on the context of a violent encounter or even a natural disaster.

If you don’t master yourself, you will never reach your full potential to protect what you love.

I may not be talking about fighting all the time but I assure you, these lessons are just as, if not far more, important.

Be good, train hard, stay safe.


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