Sleep…. for Safety?

Numerous studies have been done on the importance of sleep in our lives. Whether you want to make more gains in the gym, better your relationships/friendships, or increase your productivity for your career, sleep is the answer.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that tends to celebrate the “hustlers” that do more and more and sleep less and less.

Now, don’t get me wrong… if there is shit to do, then you better make time to do it, but in real life 90% of what we do daily is completely worthless. One of my favorite new quotes is:

“You can never underestimate the unimportance of almost everything.”

-John Maxwell

It’s true. Think about it. Write out every thing you’re going to do today or on any given day. Odds are, the majority of it is actually not that important. It’s just busy work or fillers that we force into our lives because we tend to fear voided space, boredom, or actual success/failure that might come from focusing on the important things.

It may seem like I am getting off track, and I am a little bit, but the reality is if we know sleep lowers our productivity, motor function, focus, and awareness… well then shouldn’t sleep be a priority for someone that values self defense?

Think about it, you’re leaving the well being of yourself and your loved ones up to the fact that you’re operating at 60% on any given day because the guy on instagram told you that you have to “grind” to get after it?!

No thanks.

Start making sleep a priority in your life. Whether it is because you want to protect your family better or get that raise at work. It’s that important.

  • Go to bed early
  • Stop looking at TV and phones before bed
  • Start treating your bed like a temple of rest
  • Get rid of all light in your bedroom and make sure that shit is dark
  • Monitor your caffeine intake and stop drinking shit like energy drinks or shots. Stick to coffee and tea.
  • Focus on what you eat and when you eat it. See what triggers your good or bad nights of sleep.
  • Track your sleep with an app or a journal

Do this and I guarantee you increase your productivity and your ability to be awesome! Your life could just depend on it!

Be good, sleep hard, stay safe!


*see what I did there? 😉

One thought on “Sleep…. for Safety?

  1. i liked you sharing . i would like to share same problem that have with me. i want to sleep but some how or the other i could no do so. constant awaking made me sick person. different types of thought come in and out all the time. finally after hard struggle i could not sleep . and result i have to consult with Dr. Dr told me this is a type of ailment . and now i am taking my medicine regularly and feeling better. so i recommend if some one have this type of situation at one consult your DR.


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