Fill Your Cup

In the end, it’s your life… and not to sound too cheesy but you only get one.

One of the biggest struggles I see in athletes, students, friends, and family alike, is that most people tend to do the majority of their day-to-day things out of a sense of obligation.

I am going to school because that is what I am supposed to do, or that is what my parents wanted, or they saved money for this specifically.

I work this job because I am supposed to have a secure job to pay the bills.

We tend to focus more on things we are supposed to do and fill our time keeping “busy” instead of taking substantial time to do what we WANT to do.

The problem with what most people do, is that eventually it wears on you. You can tough it out for a while, but overtime if you never do what you want to do, you’ll just stop giving a fuck period.

And it will show.

It will show in your parenting, in your work, in your appearance, in your relationships.

If you flip the script and first focus on what you WANT to do, then plan the rest around that, you’ll be surprised at how much you can refresh yourself and your outlook.

What you will start to figure out is the things you “want” to do, are actually the things you NEED to do, to be the best version of yourself.

If you want to be the best business owner, you have to make sure you fill your cup enough to give back to those that work for you.

If you want to be the best parent, you have to take time to fill your cup so that you actually have something to give to the ones you love most.

To most people this probably seems ass backwards, but it’s something I have been getting better and better at doing and it is really helping me to improve in the places I need to improve in.

My good friend Drew is working his way through a mentorship program right now, and one of the things they discussed was scheduling your time BEFORE you schedule work, or other obligations.

Picture that. At the beginning of the week when you’re scheduling out meetings, or work hours, or kids events, etc… You start with YOUR TIME first. You plan these designated spots of time that are for you and your needs, wants, desires.

Not only do you set the time first, but you actually plan it. Write down what it i you are going to do for yourself: drink a beer, take a walk with your wife, take a class you enjoy, etc..

After all that personal time is schedule, THEN you start to fill in other tasks.

It’s a fun challenge and one I have been playing with myself. I dare you to try it.

See how much can you do for others when you take time to actually fill your cup!

In the end, it’s your life… and not to sound too cheesy but you only get one.

Be good, live life like a boss, stay safe!


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