Tip of the Spear

So we just completed week two of a Six Week Defensive Handgun Class I put together to introduce good shooting habits and concealed carry concepts to shooters of all ability levels. I have been thinking about doing this course for a very long time, ever since my friend Todd Fossey kind of opened my eyes to the versatility of the NLT SIRT pistol. I kept dragging my feet waiting for the “perfect time” but finally just pulled the trigger.

When I originally posted the course, I was marketing it as a course for everyone…no matter you skill level.

Now, let me be very clear, it is. It includes a high amount of repetition on fundamental pieces that most shooters don’t focus on once they get to a certain level. It also builds to include self defense theory, verbalization skills, and much more. Not to mention, the use of the SIRT pistols allow for a more dynamic AND SAFE training atmosphere than can be done on a live fire range.

So no whether you’ve never touched a gun or you have used them for decades, it’s a great course.

But the mindset is a still wrong.

And this is something a lot of people fall into.

They have a product, or a service, or a message that they firmly believe is for everyone. That everyone can benefit from.

They might be right, but the message you speak can’t fall on the masses. We are too cluttered day in and day out with everyone and everything grasping for our attention. Because of this, the broad and general has a tendency to fall on deaf ears.

The person that has been shooting since they were five years old and have taken several seminars doesn’t have time (or so they think) for the course that is “for everyone of all skill levels” because they believe they are above the norm. That might actually be the fact. It’s not a cut on them.

If I want them to understand the importance of this course and how it will bring them value, I have to speak to THEM.

Not to the masses.

If I want high level shooters, I should be framing the course and the message around that. That doesn’t mean complicating and adding a bunch of flashy non-sense to entice them or sell spots. It means that I need to take my lesson plan and meet them at their desires. How will this course benefit you, the high level shooter.

If I want to work with new shooters and help them learn how firearms work, build confidence and understanding, create good habits, safe concepts and thought, then I need to speak to them directly.

There needs to be a tip of the spear.

Who is the person I want to be in front of.

It can’t be everyone.

It has to be specific. Picture them. What do they look like? How old are they? What is their background? What clothes do they where? What do they do for fun? Do they have family? Where do they shop? Etc…

Narrow it down to a very specific person.

That’s who you go after.

That’s who I aim the tip of the spear at.

There are two important things to remember:

  1. There are millions of people most likely within a 3 hour drive from you. You only need 10.. or 20… or 50 of them.
  2. The beauty of the spear is it starts narrow and as it penetrates it widens. So you just because you aim at a very specific point, doesn’t mean you won’t catch some of the outliers on the periphery.

If you want to make an impact…a true genuine impact.

It doesn’t happen being broad and general. It doesn’t happen being everything to everyone.

True impact comes when you identify with a small group and speak to them. To their desires. to their needs. to their pain.

That is where the magic happens. As leaders in the industry, we need to know just as much about how to speak to people and relate to them as we know about fighting, and legal, and medical, and psychology, and teaching, and safety, and all that other stuff.

Because if no one listens to your message, you can’t help anyone.

I have decided I want to work with new shooters. To set them up for success. To create critical thinking skills that as they move forward they can do it safely, practically, and with good focus.

So now, I change the message and I narrow my field.

Find your focus.

Aim your spear.

Be good, train hard, stay safe


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