Germane: Being relevant or appropriate; fitting. Relevant to a subject under consideration.

My friend Suzie posted this as part of her word of the day on Instagram. 

This is something I experience often.

A conversation about training or preparation for an active shooter event can easily spin into conversations about gun control, concealed carry, soft targets, mental health, and much more. 

On the surface, they seem relevant (dare I say germane) to the topic of active shooters. If we dig deeper however, the true context of the specific conversation is important etc… 

We tend to lump things into large categories for conversation, instead of being able to separate and focus.

To assure we keep things on topic, it is crucial that we clearly communicate what the topic at hand is.

If we want to discuss preventative measures for active shooter events, it’s important to understand the context of the situation we are discussing. 

Who or what are these measures being put in place for?

What are the limitations at hand? Time, financial, structural, etc…

These are just a few examples. They highlight how different variables must be considered for different situations. 

If we are discussing preventative measures for a small school that has limited financial resources, that is much different than a large organization that has a vast facility, possibly multiple buildings, and many more resources. 

Discussing preventative measures is not that same as discussing physical training for these events. 

Now we have to boil down the specific context of the individual and develop the discussions for their needs. 

This often comes back to clear communication. Specify what we are talking about. Be aware of judgements, assumptions, and imagination. Remained focused on the context.

It may be difficult to do and straying from the topic is possible. When we develop an awareness for this slipping, we can work on better keeping things focused and on topic. 

So, take this new word “germane” and apply it to your day to day. 

Stay focused and see how it improves your life. 

Be good, train hard, stay safe.


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