Stop. Assess. Decide.

One of my business partners snapped this photo of me the other day.

I had told our marketing company I’d get them some images by 4pm.

At 3:50pm I realized I had been moving around distracted and had yet to complete that task.

I stopped where I was, realized I could do it all from my phone.

So I say down and did it.

I used to be really bad about getting distracted.

I’m way better now.

The biggest thing I’ve worked on is scheduling my time to be specific and focus my attention.

When I get met with a task that is off the schedule, I stop what I’m doing, assess what I need to make it happen, then take action.

Old me used to walk around “looking busy” and attempting to find answers.
When I stop and just focus my attention, I get things done.

This applies in so many places in life.
When things seem chaotic.


Look around.

Assess what one thing is priority and do it.

Go forth and be awesome.

– Aaron

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