Declare Your Mission / Find Your Team


Whatever your vision is.

Your goals.

Your crazy dreams.

Write them down.

Then, say them out loud.

It starts to get very real when you do that. When you hear the words coming out of your own mouth.

Then, tell everyone about them. If you do that, it really becomes real.

The action of saying it out loud, helps you become the person you need to be to show up and get it done.

Me; I have a mission to create hope in the self defense industry.

To bring communication and connection. Focus on the good.

Nurture creativity, curiosity, and leadership.

Remove judgement and intimidation.

The people I have met on this journey have given me more than I can begin to explain.

I will continue to give back in massive ways.

So what “crazy mission” do you have?

Say it out loud.


The stories in your head will make or break you.

The people around you influence those stories and how they manifest in your life.

Surround yourself with people that help you see who you can be.

People that help you write the future you want.

People that reinforce the stories that will push you forward into incredible places.

In the end it’s up to you.

A community that helps you remove obstacles is important.

Go forth and be awesome.
– Aaron

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