To Empathize, Communicate, and Connect.

The ability to teach is a skill in it’s own right.

A combination of comprehension, empathy, language, connection, care, and a willingness to evolve.

Most certifications, workshops, tests, etc… Focus mainly on comprehension.

Do you understand the information?

Can you perform the movements efficiently?

Can you pass the test?

They rarely touch upon the actual ability to teach or transfer that knowledge.

Once we genuinely understand how to teach.

To empathize, communicate, and connect.

It is then that we can teach anything we know that someone else has yet to learn.

The reverse is often inaccurate.

We can fill ourselves with as much knowledge as we want.

We can practice techniques as much as we want.

That information will stay within us without the ability to teach.

If teaching is a skill… Dare I say THE skill, how amazing would it be if we focused on leveling up that skill as the primary goal?

We would make a greater impact.

We would comprehend material better.

We would connect with students better.

We would grow our communities.





The willingness to learn.

Get a black belt in this, and we will elevate everything we touch.


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