2020 is here. What now?

What now?

Have you set vision for yourself?

Have you set vision for your program and for your students?

Is that vision BIG?

Does it make you a bit uncomfortable? Dare we say unreasonable?

Big goals are what makes change.

Change in your life, in your students, in your community.

This year, I have a few big goals. One goal is to help 100 coaches in the self defense community to find vision, increase their ability to coach their students, and make genuine impact in their lives.

I’ve taken numerous trainings and certifications for self defense over the last twelve years and yet, none of them taught me how to set goals and plans for my students, how to focus my attention to maximize growth, how to handle missteps and failure, how to have meaningful conversation with people that have different views, how to impact students beyond the physical techniques, how to help prepare students to deal with the psychological trauma of a violent event, how to help victims of trauma face their stories and grow from them, and much more.

These lessons I’ve been blessed to receive from experience, missteps, and coaching from outside the industry.

If this goal speaks to you, email me at aaron@endeavordcf.com and schedule a free coaching call.

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