Build a Solid Foundation

Teaching a person to protect themselves and loved ones, means guiding them through discomfort.

Physical discomfort.

Psychological discomfort.

Emotional discomfort.

Doing that at the highest level often requires trust.

If you have trust, buy-in, they are more likely to open up and honestly approach your concepts, system, and methods.

In my experience, when that trust is built through flash, prestige, ego, and charisma, it pays off in the short term. It rarely carries long term.

We see this often in the splitting of high level students from their organizations and instructors. The buy-in was built upon a foundation that the teacher was vastly more knowledgeable than the student. As that knowledge gap shrinks, it tests the foundation of the relationship.

When that foundation is built upon respect, empathy, and genuine care, we are able to impact people’s lives for the better and build them up to be their best with no strings attached.

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