Cup Full / Heart Focused

I genuinely believe that we make a greater impact in our lives and our communities by focusing on what we are truly passionate about.

Often, we get pulled into other people’s stories.
Into THEIR passions.

It tends to be easy to feel guilt that draws us into caring more for what they want and lose sight of what we want.

In the long run, this pulls us off our paths. It clouds our vision and before we know it, we end up somewhere in life and are not quite sure how we got there.

This place can cause resentment or anxiety, even with those we love.

When we have clear vision on where we want to go, what we care about, and where our passion lies, we can focus our time and attention on that thing.

That thing is where we will shine.

It’s where we will produce the most value to ourselves and to the people we care about.

By keeping your focus on what WE want we are actually being of service to everyone else because we can show up our best.

Our cup is full.

Our heart is focused.

This is where greatness lies.

It’s our job to focus on creating the best version of ourselves.
Identify the vision.

Define your values.

Stay the path.

In the end, everyone will benefit from it. Those that don’t, weren’t meant to. (Negation acknowledged).

Need support exploring your vision? Reach out. Let’s talk.

Say ‘No’ and Keep a Schedule!

For much of my career I was ‘On Demand’ for everyone and everything.

I was always answering calls and texts immediately, checking my phone, saying ‘yes’ to every idea or opportunity.

I was afraid that if I missed one thing or one moment of work, I’d fail.

I was convinced that being everything to everybody was the key to getting attention, and growing impact.

That mentality served me well for a long time. It got me very far.

What I failed to realize was that I was often stretched too thin and was only partially committed to any one task.

In short, I was giving all those people and projects only a piece of my focus.

Including my family, my business, and the people I was trying to help.

When I began to cultivate my time, set boundaries, and really focus my attention, I found that I was significantly more productive and in less time than before, AND my streamlined focus allowed me to make a greater impact.

Learning how to schedule your days, remove unnecessary tasks, say ‘no’ to things that are out of alignment, and surrounding yourself with a support system is crucial to genuinely putting your attention where it is most needed.

When you do that, you magnify your ability to impact others tenfold!

This story resonate with you? Get in touch, let’s talk about it.

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