Put it into Practice

Speed of implementation is a powerful tool to becoming a great coach.

There’s definitely time for planning, however, the steps become more clear as you work through it.

If we sit around and wait until we have a perfect understanding of something, we miss out on important lessons you only learn from others.

Your students will teach you more about your strengths, your weaknesses, what they need, and what you can do to deliver for them, then you could ever pick up theorizing.

If you don’t start teaching, you’ll miss out on most of those lessons.

When you attend a certification, or workshop immediately start working the material into your lessons.

Practice it.
Get feedback.

If you’re taking an online course or watching through a video instructional series, work through it in training and start sharing it with others.

That’s how you learn where you need to focus your attention moving forward.

The sooner you take action, the faster you learn, the greater coach you become.

The Instructor Elevation Certification begins February 15th.
A ten week remote coaching class that will greatly elevate your ability to take information and put it into action immediately, exponentially growing your impact on your community.

Send me a message today and book a discovery call. Let’s talk about the next steps!

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