Post That Video!

“I have no idea what I would post.” “I’m just not good on camera.” These are two of the most frequent comments I get when working with coaches on getting their message out to their community.

The first one is often because we imagine that everything we know has already been covered by someone today so why should I?

Simple – People pay attention to you and most likely haven’t seen that other video.

So by NOT posting your video, you are keeping that knowledge from them.

The second one comes down to practice. Just like any other skill, we have to do it, to improve it.

I have a simple drill to solve both of these problems.

1️⃣ After you finish training, or teaching a class hand someone your phone.

2️⃣ Pick one technique or concept from your training session and demo/teach it. Keep it simple and short. You just worked on it, so it’s fresh on your mind and your body.

3️⃣ One take and one take only.

4️⃣ Post it immediately to YouTube, Instagram, and/or Facebook. Whichever outlets you use.

This simple drill will get you the reps needed to be comfortable in front of the camera.

It will get you the reps needed to execute and follow through with putting out content.

If the content in your class or training session is good enough for you and your students, it’s good enough to share with the world.

Take this drill and get yourself out there!

Tag me and use #selfelevated! Still feeling resistance? Want to push past these obstacles and elevate your ability to reach your community?

Message me. Let’s talk.

The Instructor Elevation Certification begins THIS Saturday, February 15! That’s Tomorrow!

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