Allowing Evolution

“I’ll never do that…” I’ve said those words many times during my journey as a coach and business owner.

In most cases, I was accurate. That thing was out of alignment with my core beliefs.

But on several occasions, that statement was very inaccurate.

In the moment, I believed, with my whole soul, that I was truthful.

Then I grew. I evolved.

Something in my life changed.

An event shifted my perspective.

A mentor helped me see things from a different view.

My ego was removed and something new became clear.

Those shifts in life have been monumental.

Unlearning something. Shifting my view.

It’s difficult.

Try approaching life a bit more open ended.

Remove Always and Never from your vocabulary.

Allow evolution in your life and see what you’re capable of. “Every man who knows a thing, knows he knows not a damn thing.” Interested in seeing what blind spots you have?

Want to explore your own evolution?

Reach out. Let’s talk!

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