Growth and Resistance

Evolution can be painful at times.

As we begin to move forward, our path may draw us away from people or ideas that we love.

We may have to admit that a person or idea we loved is actually holding us back or hurting us.

Having that realization can be extremely difficult.

In the end, that resistance is often a good sign.

A sign that we’re on to something. A sign that we are in fact evolving.

At this moment, we get to choose whether we stay where we’re at or begin to follow this new path.

When we find ourselves at this place it is important to remember that all the people, ideas, events, and feelings we had in the past, led us to this exact crossroads.

They were part of our growth. They were good.

They are the exact reason why we may need to depart from them now.

They took us as far as they could. Our paths now run different directions and in the end, it will be best for all.

Evolution can be painful. It’s temporary.

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