Priority Focus

Singular. One individual focus.

The idea of ‘priorities’ is misleading.

As humans, we can only give our full focus to one thing at a time.

This applies to work, business, training, life…

Yes, we can technically do more than one thing at a time. But we flow better, accomplish more, and show up at our best when we focus on one thing.

Priorities can change from year to year, month to month, week to week, day to day, even hour by hour.

The key is knowing what your purpose is, in the moment that it’s needed.

For example, from 6am-8am, my priority might be promotions and communication for a specific upcoming event.

From 8am to 5pm that day, my priority might be hanging cabinets and doors for my new home.

After 5pm, my priority is to be present with my family.

What is your priority this quarter?

This month? This week?

This day? This moment?

Go forth and be awesome!

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