Survival vs Creation

When things get shaky.

When uncertainty creeps in.

When plans are forced to change.

When shit hits the fan.

Do you panic, or worry, or complain, or freeze?

Or do you adapt and create?

When we focus on what is wrong, what is unfair, what is bad, what is out of our control, we are in survival mode.

It’s hard to think about anything other than the bad.

We are obsessed with the possibility of failure and often make rash decisions and let others guide our path.

When we accept what is out of our control, focus on what the possibilities are, what could be, and what we’re in control of… That my friends, that is creation mode.

We create what we want out of what we’ve got, and focus on the future.

Right now many people and industries are facing circumstances that are out of their control.

Travel bans. Cancellations. Anxiety.

The ones in creation mode will prosper and create something great out of the circumstances.

Watch the difference between those in survival and those in creation.

Which one are you?

Go forth and be awesome!

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