Set a Schedule!

Feel like you’re doing a million things at once?

Uncertainty creeping in and stressing you out?

Set a schedule for yourself.

Get into a routine.

Lots of things are changing around us, we’re still in control of what we do and how we respond.


1️⃣ Set aside one hour every week to plan the week out.

2️⃣ Schedule self care and free time FIRST. Right now, this is SO IMPORTANT. Fill your cup, to show up for others.

3️⃣ Set specific time blocks to complete tasks. Emails 1-2pm, Laundry 2-3pm, Movie with the kids 5-7pm, etc… This helps lift pressure of when things will get done, because you know that time is set on your calendar and you’ll be more focused on the priority of that time.

4️⃣ Batch things together. If you’re working from home, batch specific tasks as well as splitting work and family time. I’ve been consistently doing work hours between 9-11am then again 4-8pm and focusing on family from 11-4. Be focused on what needs focused instead of bouncing back and forth.

5️⃣ Be kind with yourself, your schedule, your actions, and your family. This is a process and many of us are only about a week into it. Make one step forward each day and you’ll be kicking ass

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