Connection is Key

Business owner or instructor that’s moved your business remote?
Looking for ways to bring value and support to your community?

 You’re a coach. The facility changed. The rest is the same. 

Here’s five great tools to keep spreading the love.

1️⃣ LIVE Classes: By now this may seem like a no brainier. A lot of people are new to this and may be nervous to navigate it. Keep it simple to start. Connection is the key here. A place people can come together and train together. Video coaching opens up a TON of benefits that are unavailable in in-person coaching. Set a schedule (consistency is key), record it for replay, and have fun!

2️⃣ Webinars: Host a webinar (or several) on topics that people need. This is a great way to focus on topics, concepts, and ideas that are often overlooked during normal scheduled training. Record these and offer a replay option and you’ll have that resource for people into the future.

3️⃣ Support Calls: Connection is so important right now. Many people are feeling anxiety from several areas and often, they are resistant to asking for support. Do a few calls everyday to connect directly with people and see how you can support them.

4️⃣ Meet-Ups: Set a fun event. Zoom Movie Night. Digital Coffee Dates. Bourbon nights. Book club Anything. Bring the community together to be human, have a few laughs, and make memories.

5️⃣ Offer Audio Only Options: Creating audio content is a great way to educate and support. Podcasts, lessons, meditation exercises, etc… With audio options students can follow along while sitting and relaxing, doing projects around the house, or out on a walk. With so much attention on video, it is a really great break to have audio and rest the eyes a bit. Record the audio from your webinars, host a podcast, record your memoirs, etc… This is an incredible time to connect with your community and support them.

Have other ideas or suggestions? What great ways have you been coaching in this digital world?

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