Take the Time, Answer the Questions

“What am I supposed to do if the governor says I can open tomorrow under distancing guidelines?” “How the hell do you run grappling classes without contact?” “What if my members aren’t ready to come back yet?” These thoughts sound familiar?

Many self defense/martial arts instructors and owners are facing a unique transition ahead as we begin to navigate Reintegration.

With unique situations comes several unknowns.

With unknowns often comes the questioning and despair in our heads.

The interesting part is that, often, we’re asking really good questions – yet, we rarely take the time to simply answer the questions.

We say things like “How the hell can I survive this?” to ourselves to slowly build a foundation of excuses for why we are going to lose.

Instead – remove judgement and emotion.

Ask those same questions in a matter-of-fact manner, and then take the time to answer.

What am I going to do if the governor requires social distancing?

How WILL I run grappling classes without contact?

What will I do if my members prefer to train remote?

How can I adapt and survive this transition?

Better yet, what action will I take to adapt and THRIVE during this transition?

Focusing on the positive and the possibility will help you take the next right step.

The next Elevation Project Certification begins next week. Explore this transition with support for your goals and your business.

Interested? Book a free coaching call today, email aaron@endeavordcf.com

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