Uncharted Territory

We’re heading into uncharted territory.

It’s ok to be nervous AND excited.

We get to make decisions and explore new paths.

We get to fail. We get to succeed.

We get to learn. We get to innovate.

We get to create the new precedence.

If we choose to.

We can look behind and wish for the past to return or we can look ahead create an epic future.

It’s our choice.

When we got into teaching, preparing for a global pandemic was relatively low on the “to-do” list.

As first, we adapted and many assumed we’d “go back to normal” at some point.

As time has gone on, we’re realizing there’s a lot of change ahead.

The feelings seem to be stronger lately.

Everything is intensifying. “I’m hoping to survive this.” “Our governor is killing my business.” “There’s no way we can operate a gym under these guidelines.” Our potential for the future starts with the stories we tell ourselves and others.

If we focus on the negative, we often get negative results.

I’ve spent a ton of time talking with gym owners and from what I’m seeing, the ones that are doing well are focused on what they are in control of and what the possibilities are.

They’re seeing a bright future and taking action on that vision.

It’s ok to feel the pressure. Feel the emotion.

How we respond to that pressure is important and completely in our control.

We can focus on what is no more, on what others are ‘doing to us’, or we can to take control.

Analyze the variables. View all the possibilities. Take action and thrive for our communities.

If you’re feeling that stress and having trouble seeing a bright future, reach out.

Let’s talk.

There’s a lot of amazing opportunity and we’re needed now, more than ever.

Do you own a self defense or grappling gym? Ready to create something epic in this new future?

Reach out. Book a free coaching call.

Let’s do this!

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