Comfort in the Silence

Comfort in the silence.

Early on in my coaching career I was taught that silence was ‘death’ when coaching.

To keep the students attentive and motivated, you had to fill those spaces with words or activities.

Over the years I became aware that my belief in this theory was so deep that I was actually uncomfortable in silence when I was coaching.

As I’ve grown in my own understanding of language and it’s importance to coaching and leadership I’ve grown to appreciate those moments of silence.

Moments where I allow myself the time needed to choose the exact words to properly convey my message.

Moments where I allow the student to process their thoughts, emotions, and feelings, free of interruption.

Moments to simply be present.

That comfort in silence has allowed me to better impact the lives of those I work with.

It’s allowed me to level up as a coach and leader.

How could this improve your coaching? Your business? Your life?

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