Build A Compass

“How do I know what opportunities to take and which to say NO to?” Great question.

As an individual that wants to help others, we imagine we have to jump at every opportunity to help.

The more people we coach, the more we can help right?

As gym owners paying for a facility, payroll, utilities, insurance, etc… We imagine we have to take every opportunity to bring in revenue to support the system.

More opportunity, means more money, means a better facility right?

There’s some truth to this.

We often forget that saying YES to one thing means saying NO to several others.

Those hours I commit to, now take me away from other areas:
Coaching my current students, seeing my family, supporting my staff, training myself, recovery, etc… This is where having direction and vision is important.

When I set vision, goals, and core principles, it’s much easier to say NO to anything out of alignment with that vision.

Lack of vision, goals, and principles often leaves us uncertain.

Take time to project where you want to go, who you want to help, who you want to be.

Then when an opportunity presents itself, you have a metric to work from.

A compass.

If it is in alignment with your goals and vision, good.

If not, even better… It’ll be that much easier to say NO to.

When you do this, you will show up tenfold for the people you truly care about and they will get the best version of you.

You will make a significantly larger impact in their lives and in your own when you embrace “NO” and stay on the path.

Even better, YOU will get the best version of you.

A happier, healthier, more passionate version of you with limitless potential.

Next class of the Instructor Elevation Certification begins August 1st. Message me today for a free discovery call.

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