Celebrate the Wins

When’s the last time you truly celebrated a win?

The program you launched.

The five new students you signed this week.

The first vacation you take since opening your business.

In the self defense industry, we often settle into the hustle and grind type culture.

We brush off compliments, down play achievements, look to the next objective immediately after accomplishing this one, or find ourselves unable to turn off and be present.

“Excited to launch this program, hopefully people like it.”

“Sure we signed five people, but now I need to get five more.”

“It’s so good to get away. I’m just going to work a few hours each day, ya know, I’m an entrepreneur. There’s no time off.”

Sound familiar?

Set aside 20 minutes and write out 3-5 of your biggest wins.

Give detail. What happened? What did you overcome? What did people say? How did you feel?

Read them out loud. Say it with pride.

Celebrate what you’ve done.

Accept the accolades, the warmth, the joy, the sense of accomplishment! Get EXCITED!

You’ve done cool shit and you will do even more cool shit!

Share your wins, celebrate together!

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