‘I am a Coach!”

When did you first consider yourself a “coach”?

Was it after a certification you passed?

When someone hired you to work at their facility?

The first time you shared your knowledge with someone?

When was the first time you owned that?

“I am a coach!”

In my experience, great coaches believe internally that they are coaches.

They decide to become a coach.

Take the action.

Share the knowledge.

When we look for others to externally approve us, we may feel a boost of appreciation, confidence, pride.

Until we believe it internally, that shadow of uncertainty and imposter syndrome will hang over us.

So, start with you.

Decide you want to be a coach

A leader.

A business owner.

Believe that.

Affirm that.

When we do that, we open up our ability to reach our potential.

The next Instructor Elevation Certification begins August 1. Message me today and book a free coaching call.

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