“I hate asking for help!”

“I hate asking for help. It’s my responsibility. I’ll get it done.”

I used to live by this.

I took on more and more.

Things got done.

The way I imagined they should be done.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.”


The reality is, the more we take on, the less we are able to fully commit to each area.

It’s difficult to be amazing at training, coaching, doing your website, answering emails and calls, marketing, caring deeply for members, writing lesson plans, developing instructors, being present with family, resting, and enjoying life.

In our industry, the later three usually take the biggest hit.




When we ask for support, we allows ourselves to put our focus where we can show up the absolute best for others.

Where we can make the biggest impact.

Getting support shows strength and wisdom.

Delegating tasks shows leadership.

Showing up where we make the biggest impact shows passion.

“I love asking for help. It’s my responsibility to show up at my best.”

Stretched thin?

Reach out.

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