Keep Evolving

“Don’t wrestle when you can hit!”

“Underhooks attach you too much to the attacker, when we use a side clinch, we’re more detachable and can escape.”

“Don’t ever go to the ground.”

“Let me show you this cavalier to disarm a knife.”

“Size doesn’t matter.”

“This system is completely natural.”

I’ve said all of those things in the past. Many times.

And I meant them, every time I said them. At the time, it made sense.

And as far as I could tell, it was effective.

I have grown and evolved my views many times over the years.

Still do.

As humans, we may have the urge to deny or hide our previous beliefs. We take down old videos. Laugh off old thoughts as dumb, silly, or ridiculous.

I prefer to admire those moments, to show the evolution, and the growth.

We only ever know, what we know, in that moment.

Even in my earliest days, I was able to make a positive and meaningful impact in hundreds of people’s lives.

When we look back at our past with a negative light, we hide the journey, the lessons, and the inspiration.

We begin to believe we have to be perfect to make an impact. Even worse, some begin to believe they ARE perfect.

Both beliefs keep us from genuinely helping people.

Be proud of where you’ve been, who you were, and the journey you’re on.

Remember, evolution continues.

At every moment, you are limited by your experiences to that point AND you can choose to be better than you were the moment before.

Enjoy the journey.

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