Social Media is a Tool

“If you don’t film it, did it even happen?”

The answer is Yes.

Yes, it happened. And continues to happen.

Trying to sum up 2 hours of training, 4 hours of coaching, work, family time, personal growth, and everything else we experience, into one or two posts, is absurd.

We often put so much stake in what others see, we allow it to effect our own opinions of what we’re getting done.

We allow it to dictate what it is that we do. To distort our vision.

Pull us from where we want to go, how we will get there, and the work put in to get it done.

Social media is a tool.

It can be of amazing benefit if used properly. Connect with others. Market our business. Learn things.

It can wreck us if used improperly. Chasing likes and acceptance.

Keep your eyes focused on what you want, where you want to go, and what you need to get there.

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