Soft Talk

As humans, we learn to navigate many social situations with the use of soft talk.

Words that soften sentences to make them more palatable and allow us to feel things out.

Probably. Maybe. I guess. I think. Possibly. Etc….

In social situations this can be beneficial.

“Where do you want to eat?”

“Maybe we should try that new pizza place?”

Leaves it open for discussion and input from others.

The problem is that often, these words seep into other areas of our life.

“I should probably learn to defend myself.”

“Maybe I’ll start working out next week.”

“I think if I ate better, I’d lose weight and feel better.”

“I guess I should schedule time to play with my kids.”

When we allow soft talk into more urgent or important places in our lives, we slow or completely halt our progress.

Identify and remove softening words, and things start happening.

Even stronger…affirm those sentences.

Add specifics and intention.

“I will learn how to defend myself.”

“I’ll start working out next week. On Monday, at 9am with Bob.”

“I’m going to eat better, because I want to lose weight and feel better.”

“I will schedule time to play with my kids, because I love them.”

What do you feel when you read those?

How are they different from the first set?

Where in your life can you most benefit from SOLID talk?

Go forth and be solid!

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